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Paper Trading is our ancestral business where each generation played a key role in expanding the business efficiently over the last 30 years. The director of the company Mr.Vyhom Jain is a pioneer in stepping in to international trade with his extensive domain knowledge of paper and paperboards. 

We act as sourcing agents to customers managing supply in large volumes in over 20 countries across the globe. Our company is associated with top manufacturers of paper and paperboards in India, Indonesia, Korea, and China. 

We have made all of this possible by building relationships with manufacturers who adhere to international standards of quality and packaging.


Our company is proud to be a partner for some of the leading printing and publishing houses. We provide them a whole range of  papers on their offset/flexo and all other types of converting or printing machines.

Our vision is not to only expand our reach but also to carefully retain what we have achieved by providing an ongoing and continuous supply of best quality products at reasonable prices. At Mesbor, we strive to build a product portfolio covering a broad range of paper and paper products. For which we always find the best and diverse sources of paper to suit our customer's needs. 


We are driven towards a future where paper will be widely accepted in place of plastic boosting innovation in the industry and making the environment sustainable. 

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