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Unbleached and Bleached kraft 

We have various types of bleached white kraft and unbleached brown kraft papers normally we are doing grammages from 30 to 100 however we can provide lower grammages too such as 18 to 30 in white kraft also we can go upto 180 gsm in recycled grades of kraft and Virgin as well.

Application - These are one side MG kraft papers used for paper bags/lamination/envelopes such as bags for breads,etc. 

Available in Both Reels and sheets

We do have other grades such as MF kraft both side rough and krafts like Absorbent for different Industries. 

Paper Packaging
Brown Paper

Kraft for Cartons 

We do supply 100% Recycled Fluting medium & Testliners from India and Korea. 

Standard grammages are from 100 to 250 

Mostly supplied in reels only. 

This is a volume based product in which we tend to source from only manufacturers who can handle good quantities and maintain all the international standards. 

Main markets - China 

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