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This is one of the key area where we are doing our best to expand and are really looking forward to have more customers

Coated Duplex Board - Grey and White back

In Duplex board we are offering 100% recycled boards with both grey and white back ranging from 180 to 450 grammages. 

We can also take orders in 500 gsm but for 550 we will require good quantity. 

Available in both sheet and rolls 

Used in the packaging Industry to make boxes such as Soap box, Cereal boxes, etc.

Cardboard Boxes

Ivory board/FBB

Well we are delightful to have the best factories with us for this board Ivory board as it goes with the name comes in Ivory color also we do have in white.

This board is mostly used in Pharmaceutical Industries and is always high in demand 

we can provide grammages from 190 to 400 & in both reels and sheets. 

Paperboard for Papercups

So this is the board known as cupstock board used by converters who are producing paper cups, 

can provide uncoated/ one side coated & Two side coated as well.

Standard coating of 15 pe 

Grammages from 160 to 300 

Available in both rolls and sheets

Paper Cup
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